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Getting deactivated by DoorDash may be frustrating and worrisome. Much like other gig economy platforms, DoorDash is built on some standard criteria for operation and performance metrics. Although deactivation may be caused by poor ratings, violations while on delivery, or failure to achieve specified targets, the situation should be tackled forthwith.

If you are deactivated, your first course of action will be to contact DoorDash support to find out the basis for the deactivation. In many cases, deactivation could be a result of a misunderstanding or an error that contacting the support team could very well clarify.

Also, become intimately familiar with the deactivation policies and guidelines of "doordash deactivated me". This will let you understand your rights and how you may, in some circumstances, appeal the decision or take actions to improve your performance and hence be reinstated as a Dasher.


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