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What is Promise Rings For Couples?

Do you want your spouse to shine? Give her an eternity ring. It is a unique symbol that represents eternal love and commitment to your loved one. It is a great way to commemorate an enduring marriage or an engagement ring. What is the meaning of eternity? We're glad to explain the meaning as well as the application of the eternity ring you.

The Special Significance of the Eternity Ring

A eternity band of red gold from BAUNAT

A diamond-encircled eternal band or eternity rings is a jewelry ring. Diamonds can be worked to perfection or in other shapes that are distinct. The succession of diamonds is a beautiful signification of the eternal. Of course you can also add colored gemstones or diamonds to create a striking design.

The significance of the eternity ring or infinity ring is that it symbolizes eternal love par excellence. This is why it is frequently used as a gift for wedding anniversary celebrations, but it also serves as an ideal symbol for other relationships.

Some sources suggest you have to wait until your 60th wedding anniversary. It is only then that you will be certain that you are planning to stay together for life after the 60th anniversary of your wedding. This theory seems somewhat outdated. You know when you are in love at first glance isn't it? The eternity band has been a popular choice for centuries and suits any personality. It's a great investment for the long run.

The Story Behind the Eternity Ring

The roots of the eternity ring date back a long way. According to legend, it began in the past of Egypt about 2000 years before Christ. To show their love and devotion, Egyptian men would give an ring as a present to their beloved. The ring was then in the form of an animal eating its tail. Over time the design changed from an animal to a more neutral band with diamonds in platinum or gold.

By its shape, the diamond eternity ring signifies eternal love and commitment. It is the ultimate love symbol. For example back in the day, Marilyn Monroe was proposed to. The eternity diamond ring is a classic every woman knows how to appreciate. And this diamond ring is ideal as a wedding ring. It is a symbol of love, since everyone will know that what you own is special and forever.

An eternity ring could be used as a wedding band

Diamonds are a great choice for any special occasion. Rings are, therefore, always an excellent present. A ring that is eternity can be given as an engagement ring that will help to prove your proposal. This eternity ring is beautiful on any hand, no matter if it matches the engagement ring. The ring is a great accessory to a halo, for instance.

When couples celebrate their first wedding anniversary an eternity ring become a popular present. As a partner, you can let your wife know that you're still content and that your relationship is important to you.

Furthermore, the eternity ring is the perfect present to your mother or best friend. It's a beautiful symbol of your close relationship.

Of course, we'd be happy to assist you in choosing that perfect ring. Our experts can provide you with all the information about the various options. You can contact our experts for advice free of charge.

Other kinds of rings

We now know what an eternity ring is and that it represents everlasting love, you'll want to learn more about other diamond rings. Find out what a halo is and what a commemorative ring is below. Find the ideal ring for him.

What types of settings are there for rings?

There are many ways to mount the diamond on the ring of precious metal. Each setting has a different effect on the final appearance the ring. The primary settings include the claw setting (also called the pave setting), the spacer setting and the closed setting.

Ask BAUNAT's diamond experts on the various kinds of diamond rings settings.


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